Arthur Leigh Allen is the perennial Zodiac suspect. SFPD Detective Dave Toschi was pretty damned sure it was Allen, author Robert Graysmith claims to have “unmasked” the man as the killer and many modern Zodiologists are Team Allen as well. Fincher’s Zodiac picture leaves viewers with the impression that Allen was the killer, pretty much solidifying him as suspect #1 among most people casually interested in the case. Allen always claimed innocence but allegations dogged him until his death. I don’t think Allen was our guy but I don’t really feel bad about his life and legacy being ruined by Zodiac suspicions because he was a kiddie-diddling piece of shit who kept kept squirrels in his freezer and hated his mom.


There are some interesting clues that point to Allen as the Zodiac, like the fact that he owned a Zodiac watch, admitted to have been at Lake Berryessa with bloody knives in his car the day Cecilia Ann Shepherd was stabbed to death at Lake Berryessa. He lived in the same area as the original two murders. A friend claimed that Allen had told him about the idea for the Zodiac killings years before the murders actually started.


The authorities couldn’t nail Allen with handwriting or prints during the original investigation, but right before his death the police re-opened the case with him as a prime suspect. Who knows what they could have dug up? They found some Zodiac shit and bomb stuff in his house, which always left me wondering. But apparently he was cleared by DNA. I guess a bloody knife isn’t always a smoking gun.

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